Justin Petrone: My Viljandi. Estonian Small-Town Blues


Petrone Print 2021, 312 s.

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”This book is a surreal account of some years spent in this small town. I arrived by train one evening, wondering why I had even returned. My marriage was over and my main companions were a notebook and pen. Then things started to happen. I fell in love with a Designer, was bewitched by Miss Cloud, comforted by a Lioness, and captivated by a Tigress. In Viljandi I met divas, chefs, soothsayers, diplomats, poets, musicians, generals, bartenders, TV stars, and even boatmen. There were harvest parties, folk festivals, café and theater scenes, bonfires and yoga lessons. And coffee! Lots of coffee! But the main thing I learned during these years was this: you cannot write without love.”

– Justin Petrone

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